Collaborative. Bespoke. Actionable.

Practical Technology Consulting: Empowering Your Path to Success

We collaborate closely with tech companies, analyzing their objectives and market dynamics to develop tailored strategies and drive growth.

How it works



We dive deep into your business, taking the time to listen and understand your unique challenges, goals, and aspirations. Through thorough analysis and discovery, we uncover the root causes of any issues, gaining invaluable insights to develop effective solutions.



Armed with a comprehensive understanding of your business, we craft tailored strategies that address your specific needs. With a practical approach and leveraging our expertise in sales and marketing, we design practical and effective roadmaps to guide your company towards sustainable growth.



Putting the strategy into action, we work closely with you to implement the necessary steps to achieve success. With meticulous attention to detail and a focus on practicality, we execute the plan, monitor progress, and make necessary adjustments along the way to ensure optimal results.

About us


Jeff Testani Consulting specializes in empowering technology companies through personalized sales and marketing solutions. We work with you to develop effective go-to-market strategies, optimize your sales funnels, and increase brand visibility. We bring expertise in hardware, software, web3, and blockchain to the table, delivering measurable results and accelerating your company's growth, all with a personable approach and a focus on your unique needs. Trust Jeff Testani Consulting to be your partner on this exciting journey of growth and achievement.


At Jeff Testani Consulting, our vision is to be your trusted partner on the path to success. We believe in a future where technology companies can achieve remarkable growth through strategic sales and marketing initiatives. With a practical mindset and a focus on building strong relationships, we aim to deliver impactful results while maintaining a down-to-earth approach.


Jeff Testani Consulting is a boutique sales and marketing consultancy firm founded by Jeff Testani, a passionate technology enthusiast with extensive industry experience. With a genuine desire to empower businesses, Jeff started this venture to provide personalized support to technology companies looking to thrive. We offer a unique blend of expertise and a personable touch to help you achieve your goals.


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